Sean Penn Tries to "Milk" His Oscar

By John W. Lillpop

California's economy continues to head South, despite, or because of, the monster tax increase enacted by the Legislature and signed into law by the increasingly unpopular Governor Schwarzenegger.

Unemployment is spiking upward, showing no signs of relenting. Massive cuts to education and public services have people scrambling to make ends meet in the very pricey Golden State.

Even Silicon Valley is feeling the pinch as high tech weasels dish out day old quiche and domestic Caviar to Joint Venture capitalists. The good old days of wine and roses are history, replaced by the Days of Whine and Rojas as Mexican drug lords have all the money these days, and it is thus they who are lobbied for seed money, bloody or otherwise.

In the midst of California's staggering economic meltdown, what is the LAST thing this beleaguered state needs?

How about a Harvey Milk Day to commemorate the life and times of the late gay activist from San Francisco?

Inspired by Sean Penn and his Oscar, that is exactly what state Sen. Mark Leno is trying to do with his proposal to recognize May 22 as Harvey Milk Day throughout the state.

Penn endorsed the idea with this smarmy bit of exaggerated hysteria:

"It's not just important but essential with such a heroic and seminal figure as Harvey Milk that we honor him in this way," the actor said.

Essential, Sean? Would you be willing, therefore, to give up your Oscar in exchange? Anonymously?

I thought not.

As reported, in part, by the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Leno stressed that his bill would 'cost no money whatsoever' and wasn't designed to provide a holiday for students, state workers or anyone else.

"Under the bill, the governor would declare May 22 a day of special significance and urge - but not require - schools 'to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that day' in recognition of Milk."

Of course, if California elects a leftist nut case to the governor's mansion in 2010, look for Harry Milk Day to replace December 25 as a paid state holiday!

Such is life in what used to be the Great State of California!