Hillary's "Blame America" Rant Validated by Biden's Daughter?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Still sounds AWFUL, but not as ungodly as President Hillary Clinton!), took time away from her busy schedule long enough to meander south of the border to comfort leaders of the failed state of Mexico by blaming America for the violence and carnage that has all but brought this third-world nation to its knees.

As reported, in part, by Reuters (Reference 1):

"MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - An 'insatiable' appetite in the United States for illegal drugs is to blame for much of the violence ripping through Mexico, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

Clinton acknowledged the U.S. role in Mexico's vicious drug war as she arrived in Mexico for a two-day visit where she discussed U.S. plans to ramp up security on the border with President Felipe Calderon."

Without saying so specifically, Clinton intimated that Mexico's drug war is a direct result of eight years of mindless Republicanism dumped on the American people and Mexico by President George W. Bush.

Perish the thought that the administration of Bill Clinton, Hillary's non-inhaling spouse, would share even the slightest blame for the ugliness in Mexico.

According to Hillary, Cocaine, Heroine, and Amphetamines did not even exist until the afternoon of January 20, 2001, when W. assumed office, and all hell broke loose and immediately headed due north.

Crafty conservatives were not fooled in the least by Hillary's sneaky mea culpa for the misdeeds of George W. Bush. She was roundly criticized by right wingers for damning America while on foreign soil.

However, recent events may have proven Hillary partially correct, at least when it comes to the snorting habits of Democrat officials and their families.

As reported, in part, at Radaronline.com, Reference 2:

"An explosive video being shopped to media outlets has plunged the White House and Vice President Joe Biden into a cocaine scandal, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The video shows a woman, who is represented by the seller and his attorneys to be Biden’s daughter Ashley, snorting several lines of cocaine. The tape has been viewed by a RadarOnline.com freelance reporter who confirms the woman looks identical to Ashley Biden.

The woman on the tape clearly resembles Ashley Biden, 27, who is a social worker employed with the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families. She is also a board member of the Delaware YWCA organization.

On the tape a man cuts up five lines of what is said to be cocaine. The woman who the seller says is Ashley then jokes with the man that the lines aren’t big enough.

The man hands her a rolled-up dollar bill and she proceeds to walk a few steps to a table where the cocaine is cut. She pulls her hair back, bends down and snorts a line.

Four lines of white powdery substance are clearly visible on the table, which is in front of a computer.

After she snorts the first line, the woman said to be Ashley lifts her head and wipes her nose. She then snorts a second and third line before the tape cuts off.

The tape was made without her knowledge. It is being shopped for $250,000. "

Should these reports be substantiated and confirmed, the vast right wing conspiracy will be forced to admit that Hillary finally got one right.

A brief, but pointed, public declaration should be issued to clear the air.

Suggested wording: Although we condemn Hillary Clinton for blaming American citizens for Mexico's problems while she was in Mexico, given the facts surrounding Ashley Biden we believe that the truth is that liberals and their families have an 'insatiable' appetite for power, sex, and money AND illegal drugs!

Knock if off, liberals!

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