Sanctuary Cities: Safe Havens for Carriers of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis!

John W. Lillpop

According to the Associated Press, migrants from nations like Mexico, India, and China often bring with them drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis.

As reported, in part, in an AP report by Juliana Barbassa:

"Even as tuberculosis rates decline in the United States, drug-resistant strains of the disease (are) showing up in states with large immigrant populations and are becoming increasingly hard to treat.

Immigrant communities in states such as California are particularly vulnerable because many people are foreign born or travel frequently to countries where TB is a greater risk, such as Mexico, India and China."

Although not mentioned in the AP story, the fact is that those who enter America illegally aggravate the problem even further by deliberately avoiding medical screening procedures designed to protect U.S. citizens from diseases that have been all but eradicated here.

In addition, the idiotic policy of shielding those at high-risk of being TB carriers (illegal aliens from Mexico), imposes dangerous health risks on American citizens.

Rather than encouraging illegal aliens by telling them that enforcing legitimate immigration law is "un-American," Nancy Pelosi and others of her ilk should be calling for tighter border security, identification of illegal aliens in our midst, and deportation of such people immediately.

Why would any reasonably competent politician refuse to live up to his or her sworn oath to uphold the Constitution when it comes to enforcing the law, especially when to do so could expose American citizens to drug resistant diseases?