Why Liberals LOVE Higher Taxes!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

While conservatives obsess endlessly about keeping the American people secure by maintaining a strong national defense, liberals obsess non-stop about using the tax code to take money rightfully belonging to those whom have achieved prosperity and success and transferring said assets to those who are less capable, less motivated (lazy), unlucky or just plain stupid.

Being less capable, less motivated, unlucky or just plain stupid is, by the by, an excellent definition of the word Democrat!

Use it as you wish, attribution is neither expected nor desired.

Digging deeper into the liberal mindset, one cannot help but wonder WHY? Why do liberals universally support higher taxes?

To begin with, liberals are notoriously incapable of earning income outside of cushy, meaningless positions in government bureaucracies, or private jobs involving voter fraud and other felonies.

Even though liberals lack the DNA that produces the ability to secure gainful employment, they love to spend money. Unfortunately, that always turns out to be other people's money.

There is a second, more atrocious, reason why liberals are always for higher taxes: They do not pay taxes themselves!

In yet another case of an Obama tax cheat groveling for forgiveness while vying for an important cabinet post, Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius recently paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding "unintentional errors."

Unintentional errors? Just where in the hell do you come up with these sleaze ball wackos, President Obama?

Think of the ugly trail of shame: Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson, Hilda Solis, and now Sebelius.

Are all of these Democrats bald-faced liars and or incredibly stupid?

And just why does America need such people to serve in high places in these troubled times?