In the Dark About Energy Independence

By John W. Lillpop

Surprised that the lunatic left wants everyone to turn off their lights in order to celebrate the newly- minted "Earth Hour" on Saturday night?

It should come as no great surprise.

Think about it: Liberal foolishness, like the farcical global warming crisis, which is really a product of Al Gore's mid-life crisis and Tipper's hot flashes, simply cannot survive the light of day.

Sober thought and intelligent debate are possible only when the light of truth and wisdom is encouraged. Escaping truth means avoiding light at all costs, even if for only an hour to begin with.

After sixty plus days of the Obama Transparency non-show, the left is betting that the American people are growing accustomed to being taken advantage of in the dark. Some particularly vulnerable sheep are even starting to enjoy the experience, according to merchants of the dark side operating out of the White House.

Besides being so wrong-minded, the "Earth Hour" mania is a colossal waste of time especially in these difficult times.

Patriotic Americans who really care about the nation would be well advised to spend that hour engaged in genuinely productive efforts.

For example, citizens should form political action groups to demand that nuclear power, the cleanest and most economical source of energy known to man, be revitalized.

Rather than wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on planned parenthood and other dim wit projects fancied by Nancy Pelosi, let us use stimulus funds to activate at least 30 nuclear power stations in America over the next fifteen years.

Nuclear power can provide safe, dependable, and economic energy that would reduce America's dependent on foreign oil AND move the nation in a green-ward direction.

Instead of turning off the lights and cowering in ignorance and fear, let's turn the lights on America's greatest unused resource: Nuclear power!