Relief for Illegal Aliens Whom Have Suffered “Indignity” and “Injustice” for Far Too Long!

By John W. Lillpop

Pity the poor, abused illegal aliens who have been held against their will in America, forced to live on food stamps and welfare for which they are not eligible, obligated to vote for Democrats whom they do not know, and, worse of all, relegated to the “shadows” of America society!\

Oh, the pain, the agony, and the shame of it all!

As reported at the reference, a bus load of 30 of these sterling characters has begun a cross-country tour of protests:
A busload of illegal immigrants has begun a month-long, cross-country tour of protests culminating at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., according to reports.

Approximately 30 men and women departed Phoenix, Ariz., on Sunday on a trip scheduled to hit states that have passed aggressive laws against illegal immigration, reports the Charlotte Observer.

          The bus will pass through Colorado, New Orleans, Atlanta and several other cities en route  to   
          the DNC convention.
“We are tired of the injustice,” Fernando Lopez, an illegal immigrant who is originally from Mexico but now lives in Phoenix, told the Observer. “We are tired of the indignity.”

Fernando Lopez will be pleased to learn that, as a result of his efforts, a solution is being crafted that will end the nightmare existence for illegal aliens, while lifting the spirits of American taxpayers at the same time.

It’s really quite simple, and relatively inexpensive to boot:

A group of American citizens and taxpayers, finally fed up with supporting free loaders and scam artists from Mexico, has joined forces, financial and spiritual, to deal with the illegal alien squatters.

To wit, an air-conditioned bus for 30 has been chartered from Charlotte, NC to Tijuana, Mexico for September 3.  A one-way trip, we should add!

The bus will carry the invaders away from the shadows, the injustice, and the indignity of America, on a non-stop journey back to third-world Mexico, that quaint little failed state just south of the US border.

Adios, and have a nice trip home, Fernando and friends-- and do not bother to write—even if you can!

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/79183.html#ixzz22EHzI66Q