NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Saving NYC Youth by Staying Abreast of, and Hiding, Baby Formula!

By John W. Lillpop

BREAKING NEWS: It has been revealed that New York City Mayor Bloomberg has far too much time on his hands.

As a result, the “Bloomberg Time Bubble” has allowed this dangerous control freak time to create more and more intrusive ways for the City to stick its unwelcome nose into the day-to-day affairs of New York citizenry, affairs best handled by the citizenry themselves.

Citizenry which, by the way, would prefer to be left alone, and which would be far better off if NYC would go straight to hell!

Evidently, Mayor Bloomberg has not learned a thing from the national blow back (mockery, outrage) that ensued following his exaggerated hysteria over Sugary Drinks in excess of 16 ounces, and his passion to reign supreme over Sugar Drinks in NYC, and beyond, if possible.

Mayor Bloomberg, Comptroller of Sugary Drinks! What a legacy, huh?

Not content to rest on his Sugary Drinks laurels, this twisted malcontent decided that he was elected Mayor in order to deal with urgent City issues--- like assuring that NYC babies are breast fed!

Indeed, Bloomberg reasoned that only a wealthy man with a disabling Napoleon Complex would have the wisdom to take NYC mothers to task for using baby formula when all that natural milk in their breasts was available!

Thus, the Mayor acted as reported at the reference, in part:

The nanny state is going after moms.

Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed.

Starting Sept. 3, the city will keep tabs on the number of bottles that participating hospitals stock and use — the most restrictive pro-breast-milk program in the nation.
While breast-feeding activists applaud the move, bottle-feeding moms are bristling at the latest lactation lecture.

“If they put pressure on me, I would get annoyed,” said Lynn Sidnam, a Staten Island mother of two formula-fed girls, ages 4 months and 9 years. “It’s for me to choose.”

Under the Latch On program new mothers who want formula won’t be denied it, but hospitals will keep infant formula in out-of-the-way secure storerooms or in locked boxes like those used to dispense and track medications.

With each bottle a mother requests and receives, she’ll also get a talking-to. Staffers will explain why she should offer the breast instead.

“It’s the patient’s choice,” said Allison Walsh, of Beth Israel Medical Center. “But it’s our job to educate them on the best option.”
Perhaps the BEST OPTION would be for Mayor Bloomberg to get a girl friend or other significant other of his choosing, move to a third-world hell hole like Mexico where his nanny- meddling might be appreciated, or get a job with the USDA where his foolish ideas would fit right in!

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/mayor_knows_breast_WqU1iYRQvwbEkDuvn0vb1H#ixzz227Cu8Qqo