Beware Another Obama "Executive Order"—Most Extreme October Surprise Imaginable!

By John W. Lillpop

To date, President Obama has been unable to escape Mitt Romney. Indeed, the scrappy Romney has mounted a respectable challenge and has a pretty good chance of defeating the incumbent.

That may cause Obama to reach into his Magic Hat and pull out a rabbit named Amnesty to lure illegal aliens into the voting booth on November 6.

Imagine the scene: Obama decides that the 12-30 million illegal aliens in America need to be delivered from the "shadows" post haste—just in time to vote for... himself, who else?

Do not be overly surprised if Obama breaks yet another promise and signs an Executive Order which pardons ALL illegal aliens for violating US borders and immigration laws, and which establishes each and every one 18 years and older as a voting-eligible citizen!

What about those with felony convictions and other naughty things in their backgrounds?

There ya go again, Lillpop, groveling around in the slime of racism, racial profiling, and immigrant bashing!

For the sake of the greater good, forget the tawdry details.. liberty beckons for the millions of good-heated, hard-working folks who deserve a break!

Make them legal NOW and let the paperwork catch up AFTER the election!

What about Congress you ask?

In fact, Congress has had years to act, but to date has done NADA!

In the name of fundamental fairness and Democratic order, the only questions illegal aliens should be asked are:

Do you speak Spanish?

Do you love Barack Obama?, and

Do you agree to NEVER vote Republican, with unalterable and immediate deportation the penalty for violation?

Those three questions, answered in the affirmative, should be more than enough to franchise the poor disenfranchised illegal alien demographic in an act of corruption that would leave even Mexican politicians in awe!

SI to illegal aliens, NO to voter integrity!

It's the Obama way!