Mitt Romney’s Quiet Dignity

By John W. Lillpop

Mitt Romney wandered into the lion’s den in Houston to address the NAACP on Wednesday. The candidate immediately threw red meat to the African-American crowd when he promised to repeal ObamaCare and cut non-essential spending.

The lions reacted with a lusty chorus of boos that caused Romney to pause for 15 seconds, after which he resumed explaining why African-Americans would be better served by a Romney presidency, rather than extension of the Obama administration.

Boos can unsettle even the most experienced public speaker, but Romney maintained his composure, and once the boos subsided, was back on message--unwavering in his commitments to fixing America, including the huge problems that confront African-Americans, such as the 14.2 percent unemployment rate that plagues this community.

Throughout his speech, Romney remained cool and calm. His quiet dignity and respect made the candidate appear “Presidential,” and ready to roll up his sleeves and go to work for all Americans.

The big question: Did Romney win over any hearts and minds that will translate into votes come November?

Probably not, but his quiet dignity should be a strong antidote to Democrat ads which seek to portray him as an elitist white guy interested only in protecting the wealthy.

Clearly, Mitt Romney is a respectful, knowledgeable man who understands economic principles and private enterprise.

Even the most ardent Obama supporter should at least listen to what he has to say!