National Disgrace: Illegal Aliens in Good American Jobs!

By John W. Lillpop

Contrary to a popular stereotype, not all illegal aliens are uneducated, unskilled blokes suitable only for menial labor like picking fruit, serving food in fast food restaurants, cleaning rooms, or operating leaf- blowers.

Indeed, some illegals are properly trained and educated to work in high-technology, construction labor, and other high-paying jobs with benefits.

Without exception, all such people are in jobs that should be filled byAmerican citizens of which there are 23 million whom are presently unemployed, or under employed.

The notion that all illegals are in jobs that Americans simply will not do is self-serving rubbish, promulgated by reckless Democrats and RINOs who could care less about the suffering of citizens, and whom look to imported illegals as a resource for growing the Democrat voter base.

Illegal aliens who are in jobs that would be coveted by unemployed Americans, are guilty of not only violating our borders and established immigration laws, but are also equally guilty of stealing from American families.

This sort of crime should be investigated by the government and the criminal invaders should be deported post haste.

Instead, our “progressive” leaders waste time and American resources to advocate on behalf of illegals who do not belong here,  and to whom nothing is owed by the American people.

Time for Obama to stop pandering to Hispanics and work on behalf of American citizens for a change!