Corresponding With Barack!

By John W. Lillpop

My email box was recently invaded by a money plea from President Obama. It read:

           John --

My upcoming birthday next week could be the last one I celebrate as President of the United States, but that's not up to me -- it's up to you.

This July deadline is our most urgent yet, coming after two consecutive months of being significantly outraised (sic) by Romney and the Republicans.
And if you pitch in $3 or whatever you can before midnight tonight, you and a guest will be automatically entered to join me at my birthday get-together next month:

Thanks. Hope I'll see you soon.
- Barack

I replied to The One thusly:

Dear Mr. President:

As with your handling of the national economy, your problem with your campaign is OVER SPENDING, not revenues! You are now running deficits each month.

Stop spending so much! Do the math!

This is your last birthday in office...next year you will be in Chicago or Honolulu doing community organizing. So enjoy it while you can!
John W. Lillpop

Ahhhh. That felt good to say how I really feel--being so reserved and polite, I often fail to let it all hang out!

Being cheeky can be fun!