Outrage: Obama “In-Sources” Millions of Illegal Aliens to Compete With Citizens for Jobs!

By John W. Lillpop

While Team Obama tries to make an issue over the alleged “out-sourcing” of American jobs by Mitt Romney, scant little attention is being paid to Barack Obama’s despicable pandering to Hispanics, which includes “in-sourcing” of illegal aliens to fill American jobs.

In his latest circumvention of Congress and the Constitution with respect to illegal aliens, not only did Obama shield certain invaders from deportation, but the Obama scheme even rewards invaders with work permits.

Thus, armed with Obama-issued work permits, young illegal aliens can now escape the awful shadows that plague foreign invaders whom are fugitives of the law.

All of which frees non-citizens to compete openly with American citizens in an economy where 23 million people are either unemployed or under employed!

True, many of the jobs are low-paying, and without benefits.

Still, college students and many other low-income American citizens deserve to be considered for those jobs without competition from invaders!

In addition, of the 12-30 million foreign invaders squatting unchallenged in America, there are surely millions who occupy modest to high paying jobs that would be highly coveted by unemployed or underemployed citizens!

Why is the Obama administration not tracking down such menaces and deporting them for the very serious crime of taking opportunity away citizens?

Bottom Line: Barack Obama needs to focus on jobs for American citizens!, rather than his idiotic program to “In source” foreign illegals to compete with citizens!