Perfect Birthday Gift for Uncle Sam: Jail Eric Holder, Release George Zimmerman!

God Bless America!

By John W. Lillpop

As Uncle Sam celebrates birthday 236 on Wednesday, the old man is in a world-class malaise, brought on by an unholy infestation of Marxist zealots in the White House and in some corners of Congress.

Despite a Constitution replete with safeguards designed to thwart dictators, fascists and big government zealots,  Uncle finds his great nation in the grips of a narcissistic ego-maniac who sees American culture, the Rule of Law, and even the Constitution, as obstacles to his hateful vision of what America should be.

The policies of Barack Obama have driven Uncle’s economy into a perpetual state of chaos with unemployment a major problem for all, young and old alike.

Those same policies have driven America into devastating levels of debt, which resulted in the first downgrading of the nation’s credit in the history of the US.

Under this president, the government has willfully divided the American people on the basis of race and class. Brother against brother, all brought on by the nefarious Big Brother.

Obama’s foreign policies have brought the nation disrespect and ridicule throughout the word. The once proud America is now viewed as a weakling, and perhaps even cowardly.

This president has made the concept of American Exceptionalism but a memory of days gone bye.

Damn little to celebrate, right Uncle?

Well, there is hope. We the People still have the right to elect the president and we will, God willing, exercise that right on November 6.

Barring millions of votes being cast by the dead, illegal aliens, and felons for Barack Obama, there is a good chance that America will reverse the awful mistake of 2008, thereby deposing the King/Messiah/Dictator.

If all goes well this November, Barack Obama will be free to take his hatred for America on a one-way journey to his homeland, the not-so-exceptional Kenya.


What to do until November?

Uncle needs something to lift his spirits and that of we the people.

Although it will not address all of the maladies afflicting Uncle Sam, gifting Uncle as follows should lift spirits briefly:

Let’s arrest and incarcerate Eric Holder and release George Zimmerman!

That should set off a few fireworks of celebration to honor Uncle, right?

Happy Birthday America…and remember,  "This too (the tyranny of Barack Obama) shall pass!"