Bill Clinton’s Legacy Haunts Hillary as Egyptians Shout “Monica, Monica, Monica!”

By John W. Lillpop

Pity poor Hillary Clinton.

After being publicly humiliated time and again by hubby Bill Clinton’s wandering, out-of-control libido in the White House years ago, Hillary has had to endure no recent “Bimbo Eruptions.”

Apparently, by-pass surgery and advancing age have slowed Slick down, at least as far as we know.

Which has freed Mrs. Clinton to serve quite honorably in her role as Secretary of State.

Indeed, Hillary has turned in a sterling performance, thanks, in part, to not being distracted by scandalous headlines and BREAKING NEWS flashes about Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions and possible sex crimes. (Remember Juanita Broaddrick?)

It would seem as though Bill’s sordid past is but a distant memory, not a current concern.

However, much to Hillary’s dismay, folks in Egypt have good memories when it comes to adulterous scandals carried out in the Oval Office and adjoining rooms.

As reported at the reference:
Hillary Clinton was taunted by chants of "Monica, Monica" by tomato-throwing demonstrators as she visited the Egyptian port city of Alexandria on Sunday.

The chants, referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal when her husband, Bill Clinton, was president, were heard outside the US consulate as she visited for its reopening.

An embarrassed Egyptian security official said they were chanting "Monica, Monica" and "Irhal, Clinton" (Get out, Clinton.)

Tomatoes, shoes and a water bottle were thrown at part of Clinton's motorcade as it pulled up, protected by riot police, although a US official said Clinton's own vehicle was not hit.

The protest appears to have been the result of suspicions that Washington had helped the Muslim Brotherhood win elections in Egypt in the wake of last year's ouster of president Hosni Mubarak after 18 days of massive street protests.

"I want to be clear that the United States is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which, of course, we cannot," Clinton said at the opening of the consulate.”

And what about the Monica Lewinsky taunts, Hillary?

Just another right-wing conspiracy?