Would Tougher Gun Laws Prevent Another “Fast and Furious” Scandal?

By John W. Lillpop

While the loony left, in concert with the moronic mainstream media, frets, weeps, and wallows about how lax gun control laws allowed a 24-year-old psychopath to turn a movie theater into a shooting gallery, the REAL issue of the day is ignored.

Namely: What sort of gun controls would prevent a 2nd Amendment-hating Marxist dictator posing as US President from shipping deadly weapons to a foreign drug cartel where said weapons would be used to murder at least one US border patrol agent and hundreds of innocent foreign citizens?

Indeed, can more strict control laws prevent an ego-manic, albeit, duly elected,  President from sponsoring the crime known as “Fast and Furious”?

Furthermore, what oversights and checks and balances would it take to empower the US Congress to overcome the obstruction, stonewalling and flat-out cover-up of “Fast and Furious” crimes?

Would tougher gun control laws prevent a misguided community organized from claiming “Executive Privilege” in order to circumvent and shut down oversight actions?

In sum, what sort of gun control laws would it take to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of President Obama and his Department of Justice where said weapons would be used against American law enforcement?

Just asking!