$4 a Gallon Gas! Whither President Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

Thanks to moon-bat liberals, including an in-over-his-head community organizer in the Oval Office, the price of gasoline in the once-golden state is now over $4 a gallon!

So, just where the hell is President Obama as we in the west are being plundered at the gas pumps?

Say, what? President Obama has been too busy with declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional to worry about mundane issues like gas prices?

In addition, please remember that Obama was busy appointing Jeremy Bernard as the first male, and openly gay, social secretary.

What with dealing with his “Make America Gay” agenda and lecturing the GOP about not vilifying public employees, the President has just not got around to the lower priority of gas pains.

Obama apologists will point out that the president was pre-occupied with the human crisis in Libya, getting personally involved in the efforts to evacuate Americans from the ravages of wild-man Muammar Gaddafi.

By the way, it is NOT Obama’s fault that America was the very last nation to evacuate its citizenry. That was the responsibility of Obama’s “Evacuation Ferry Czar,” who has been warned that the small Ferry crisis is intolerable!

Then there was the “Motown” do at the White House during which the president called Motown’s music, “the soundtrack of the civil rights era." Far more critical than a few cents extra for a gallon of that evil substance derived from oil.

Of course, Wisconsin Republicans had to be vilified by Obama for “assaulting” labor unions, even though Governor Scott Walker’s actions are based on a need to balance the budget, a fiduciary concern that Obama continues to ignore.

Never mind that unions in general are run by greedy, corrupt schemers who bring nothing but bankruptcy to municipalities and entire states like California all across the nation.

So, as one can see, this president has had a full plate to deal with on issues that really matter. Besides, isn’t it time that the American people be forced out of those combustion-engine cars that cause global warming, lethal snow storms, and all manner of environmental problems?

It’s called “benign neglect” and President Obama is a master at executing this cruel strategy for ruining America!