Another Impeachable Offense? Who the Hell Does Obama Think He Is?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution as evidenced by his abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act, refusal to prevent the invasion of America by criminals from across our southern borders, and refusal to stop implementing ObamaCare despite the fact that the despicable act has been ruled unconstitutional, ruffled almost no feathers among moon bats on the left.

What Constitution? has been the typical reaction from leftwing idiots like Dennis Kucinich and other anti-American zealots in the U.S. Congress.

However, all of that benign neglect evaporated when Obama decided to take directions from the UN and the Arab League in dealing with the Libya crisis.

As reported at the reference, in part:

Dennis Kucinich wants Obama impeached over his Libya missile strikes. As the US military yesterday fired off dozens and dozens of Tomahawk missiles in an effort to destroy Libya’s air-defense systems, certain Democrats were using their time to explore other options. Specifically, during a Democrat Caucus conference call held yesterday afternoon, Dennis Kucinich was exploring how to get Barack Obama impeached. The conference call featured some of the most committed anti-war Democrats, and besides Kucinich, Maxine Water, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jerrold Nadler, and Mike Capuano were also participants. As a group, these Democrats are bitter about Obama’s refusal to first consult with the US Congress before ordering military action, and also about the constitutionality of the missile strikes.”

Obama also came under attack from that great American patriot and Nation of Islam leader, the Reverend Louis Farrakhan who said the following to the president:

"I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world...Why don't you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Qaddafi, you can't order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are?”

Wow! Finally, someone with the courage to ask our addled president the urgent question: Who the hell do you think you are!

Pity that the call for impeachment and challenge to Obama’s corruption of power are being voiced by such extreme elements of society--- and for the wrong reasons.