Of Democracy in Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah's Slippery Slope, and Obama's Dilemma!

By John W. Lillpop

Revolutions in the middle-east and North Africa are raising hell with the presumed privilege of dictators and monarchies alike throughout the Arab world. Even King Abdullah, the seemingly invincible 86-year-old monarch who calls the shots in Saudi Arabia, may be on a slippery slope.

As reported in part at the reference, his Highness
seems to hold the concept of Democracy and protestors looking for change in low regard:

Demonstrations won't be tolerated in Saudi Arabia and its security forces will act against anyone taking part in them, the Interior Ministry said Saturday, a day after about 100 members of the Shiite minority staged a protest in an eastern region of the kingdom.

The warning was another attempt by Saudi Arabia to get ahead of the unrest that has swept the Arab world in recent months. Last week, the government announced an unprecedented economic package worth an estimated $36 billion that will give Saudis interest-free home loans, unemployment assistance and debt forgiveness.

The Interior Ministry statement said the kingdom bans all demonstrations because they contradict Islamic laws and society's values, adding that some people have tried to go around the law to "achieve illegitimate aims."

The security forces were authorized to act against anyone violating the ban, the statement said.

While Saudi Arabia has been mostly spared the unrest in the Middle East, a robust protest movement has risen up in its tiny neighbor, Bahrain, which like others around the region is centered on calls for representative government and relief from poverty and unemployment.”

So much for the spirit of individual freedom and liberty, right King? Who the hell needs either when you have all that power and wealth, courtesy of Americans like Barack Obama who get about in gas-guzzling SUVs and other anti-environment vehicles?

When and if revolution does come to Saudi Arabia, how might our befuddled community organizer react?

Will Obama tell King Abdullah to get out as soon as possible, thereby rendering zillions of barrels of Saudi oil vulnerable to Islamofascists not all that friendly to the U.S.?

Or, perhaps The One will order the U.S. military to invade Saudi Arabia to protect the King and, incidentally mind you, all those oil fields?

Whatever, one can be confident that whatever Obama does, it will be too late and otherwise flawed!

Maybe a one-word reminder would help Obama focus?

How about the word DRILL, Mr. President?