Clarion Call to Save America: Head West—Allen West!

By John W. Lillpop

In the din and clutter that is Washington , D.C. politics, it is easy to become cynical. Skeptical that any elected official has the background and love of America needed to save our great nation from the ravages of Barack Obama and his legion of Marxists in the Democrat Party and the mainstream media.

However, there is a great American now emerging on the nation political scene with the raw intelligence and cajoles to tell it exactly like it is.

His name is Allen West, recently elected to serve in the U.S. representing Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

West has become somewhat of a hero and rising conservative star especially after he told a double-talking Muslim at a town hall meeting “Don’t Try to Blow Sunshine Up My Butt!”

My friends, if President Obama had just 10 percent of Allen West’s intelligence, patriotic spirit and grit, our nation would be headed in the right direction, instead of being on a fast-track to Sharia Law and bankruptcy!

Read all about Allen West at the link and consider becoming a member of the Draft Allen West for President Group on Facebook.

Want to save America? Then head West—Allen West!