Lefties Want Obama Impeached for War Crimes; Arab League Bails!

By John W. Lillpop

Add another item to the lengthy list of presidential tasks which are clearly above Barack Obama’s pay grade. This one, Commander-in-Chief, is quite serious because of national security implications.

Obama’s latest tormentor is none other than ultra-liberal Ralph Nader who wants Obama impeached for war crimes more serious than those committed by W. Nader’s call for Obama’s head can be viewed at the youtube link.

In addition to insurrection from the left-wing of his own party, Obama’s vaunted endorsement from the Arab League has turned to mush after just one night.

See reference 2 which, in part, reports the following:

The White House might be trying to recapture the Arab League’s support for military action in Libya, after the organization condemned the intervention today.

According to The Hill, Vice President Joe Biden placed calls to Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad of Kuwait today, in an attempt to gin up endorsements for the ongoing air strikes.

The White House said that Biden “discussed with both the prime minister and the emir their mutual support for the full implementation of the resolution and the need to protect the Libyan people.”

Once again, Barack Obama’s lack of experience comes back to haunt America.

Clearly, Obama must be impeached on several counts, including his abandonment of DOMA, refusal to secure the borders, and refusal to unplug ObamaCare which has been ruled unconstitutional.