Toward a "More Perfect (non) Union" : Victory in Wisconsin!

By John W. Lillpop

Congratulations to the governor of Wisconsin for a substantial victory over the forces of corruption and greed, ala big labor unions.

The victory, courtesy of Governor Walker and the Republican Party, came about because 14 dim-witted, selfish Democrats chose to abandon the responsibilities for which they were elected by fleeing to Illinois. These 14 miscreants did so to avoid the democratic process when it includes actions which they oppose.

With that sort of attitude, why even bother have elections or legislative votes?

Unfortunately for the 14 Democrat tyrants and the corrupt labor unions they represent, the Republican Party outmaneuvered, outsmarted, and out flanked big labor.

Labor unions, and their greedy, selfish disregard for the financial health of most Americans, have inflicted, or are inflicting, financial disaster, including bankruptcy, in municipalities from coast to coast.

Wisconsin has established the model for removing the menace of irresponsible labor unions from the public service sector.

God Bless Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party for showing the way ‘Toward a more perfect (non)union!”