The Marines: The Few, the Proud, the ---Mexican Illegals!

By John W. Lillpop

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has insisted that the U.S. border with Mexico has “never been safer,” despite abundant and persistent evidence to the contrary.

How can the person charged with keeping America free from foreign invaders be so thoroughly wrong?

A possible answer: Recent news indicates that 13 Mexican illegal aliens were discovered in the garb of the U.S. Marines whilst invading America near San Diego, California.

As reported in part at the reference:

“Border Patrol agents have caught 13 illegal immigrants wearing U.S. Marine uniforms at a checkpoint near San Diego.

The van had a U.S. government license plate with an altered number, Border Patrol spokesman Michael Jimenez said.

He did not know where the group obtained the military uniforms. There are reports that each of the 13 uniforms were embroidered with the surname ‘Perez.’

It is not known if the two U.S. citizens who were arrested (with the immigrants) have been in the military.

Officials believe the van entered the U.S. at Calexico. The vehicle is registered in Yucca Valley California.

The fake number plates actually belong to a van registered to the U.S. Marine Corps.”

Was our addled Homeland Security boss among those fooled by the “Mexicans in Marine uniforms" ploy?

Perhaps Napolitano eyed other vans stuffed with Marines and concluded that the border was surely safe with so many jar heads on the job?

Still, one would have thought that those 13 Perez name plates would have set off some sort of alarm in Napolitano’s miniscule brain. How can something like that be missed by a professional like Big Sis?

Or is Napolitano just another despicable, immoral leftist whose only concern is the unfettered expansion of the Democrat party, legal or not?