Imroved Unemployment Numbers Real? If So, Credit GOP!

By John W. Lillpop

In a sign of the times, the apparent good news about the unemployment numbers for February must be tempered by a healthy dose of cynicism, especially the drop in the unemployment percentage which may be distorted due to people simply giving up and dropping out of the work force all together.

Furthermore, any data originating with the Obama Administration is automatically suspect since Obamamites are not known for providing reliable, untarnished information.

Indeed, bureaucrats in government appear more interested in improving Obama’s poll numbers than in producing accurate information.

Remember the “jobs created” and “jobs saved” numbers coming from the White House? Or the claim that ObamaCare would add 30 million to the ranks of the insured while reducing health care costs?

Clearly, this administration is generally unable to handle simple math with any degree of precision. Or, to be more accurate, lacks the integrity and desire needed to provide reliable data.

Nonetheless, it does appear that the jobs picture IS improving somewhat.

If so, let the record show that the installation of a Republican majority in the US House and greater GOP influence in the US Senate is starting to diminish the dark cloud of uncertainty and fear in the business community.

Indeed, with the U.S. House now in the hands of a responsible and reasonable majority, business folk are more confident that common sense will prevail when it comes to taxes, regulations, environmental fervor, spending and deficit reduction.

The American people spoke loud and clearly on November 2 by replacing out-of-touch liberals such as Nancy Pelosi in favor of those who understand that government needs to get the hell out of the way in order for prosperity to take root.

Did the economy really produce 192,000 jobs in February? If so, thank the Republican take over of Congress for the improved optimism among business leaders!