Kinetic Dithering!

By John W. Lillpop

The problem with President Obama, besides his decidedly anti-American mindset, is his elitist, aloof view of the world, particularly America.

This president is clearly more theoretical than practical. His life experiences have always allowed him to hide in an cocoon of intellectual elitism, isolated from the reality of day-to-day living. Obama has never been forced to face reality and make decisions accordingly.

An excellent example: The president’s childish waste of time in a futile effort to word-smith issues of the day to comport to his twisted leftist views.

Like repeatedly denying that America is at war with Islam, despite all evidence to the contrary, and scrubbing of the term “War on terror” from political and military vernacular.

Of what possible benefit is this mindless exercise to America? Why not spend more time and energy to protect the American people rather than playing foolish word games to coddle the enemy?

Then we have the “Obama quagmire,” in the making, the war in Libya.

With a devoted anti-war activist serving as Commander-in-Chief, it was just a matter of time before the word war was expunged from the national debate.

Thus, the idiotic “Kinetic Military Action” phrase designed to provide cover for Obama’s coveted (but undeserved) Nobel Peace Prize.

To date, the Obama administration has fired over 160 cruise missiles into Libya. This has cost American taxpayers billions of dollars for which Defense Secretary Gates says there is no compelling national interest.

Again, why not apply all energies to winning the war, rather than denying that we are I fact at war?

A slogan appropriate for Obama’s confused and muddled actions: Kinetic dithering!