Japan’s Cruel Lesson for America

By John W. Lillpop

Watching the non-stop, cruel devastation heaped upon the Japanese people by the in-tandem forces of a great earthquake, a tsunami of unimaginable power and horror, and an improbable nuclear nightmare, causes one to wonder: Are we witnessing the decimation of an entire nation in real time?

Will there even be a nation of Japan 5 or 10 years from now? Will this one-proud economic giant be reduced to an island of rubble and waste akin to Haiti?

Japan’s problems, besides living in a very dangerous earthquake-prone part of the world, are magnified by an aging population, people no longer productive.

Planning for the future is dicey, at best, when the population is so aged.

Adding to Japan’s woes is the fact that this nation is encumbered with the greatest debt load of any advanced nation in the world, including America.

With such a heavy debt load to service, Japan’s economy is severally limited in its ability to recover from Mother Nature at her very worse.

Is there a lesson there for American politicians to ponder?

In other words, what would happen if, God forbid, the forces of nature conspired against America and delivered a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and attendant tsunami to Los Angeles? Or San Francisco?

Given the 14 trillion dollar debt already encumbering our nation, how would this nation respond to a staggering national crisis of epic proportions? What would the future hold in store for American youth?

Japan’s woes are playing out just as American politicians are tackling the massive over spending and federal deficit issues clouding our fiscal future.

Will Congress and the president heed the dire warnings coming from Japan? Or will our leaders grovel in stupidity by concerning themselves with “Cow Boy Poetry” and other foolish sacred cows?