Barack Obama’s 10 Commandments of War

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama’s actions in dealing with the crisis in Libya have revealed much about his progressive approach to war, near-war, and humanitarian intervention.

The Barack Obama 10 Commandments of War:

1. One must never call an intervention “war,” particularly when that is exactly what it is.

2. The contemplated use of American military force is always subject to approval by the United Nations Security Council.

3. Rulings made by the United Nations trump the will of the U.S. Congress.

4. The only thing worse than starting a war is actually winning one.

5. Surrender is the only “exit strategy” a progressive president will ever need.

6. Braggadocio about the U.S. military being the best and “number one” is no longer appropriate in this, the era of post-American Exceptionalism.

7. Because the U.S. military is no longer exceptional, Americans forces must never take the lead when only the best will do.

8. Gloating over military victory is in very poor taste and can lead to hurt feelings among the defeated. Better to apologize and promise to make diplomacy work next time.

9. Congressional pre-approval is always a Constitutional requirement—when the president is Republican.

10. Killing and maiming civilians is justifiable only when a president is engaged in humanitarian intervention to prevent the killing and maiming of citizens,but only after approval by the UN.