Great News from Mexico: Anti-American Feeling Growing!

By John W. Lillpop

During his visit to Washington this past week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon provided a perfect example of why Mexico is, and will remain, a third-world, failed state.

Apparently convinced that scores of millions of Americans actually loose sleep worrying about how America is perceived in old Mexico, the addled Calderon said, “anti-American sentiment is growing in Mexico because of how the people there view Americans’ perception of illegal immigration.”

“My most serious concern is that bad feelings are growing on both sides of the border,” he added. “The anti-American feeling in Mexico is growing again.”

Of course, the logical answer to Calderon’s blathering would be to remind the pitiful fellow that the answer is to keep Mexicans from coming to America illegally to begin with.

That message would have been delivered forcibly, if only America was lucky enough to have a real American serving as president.

Still, even with Barack Obama around, Calderon’s foolish statements warrant an urgent Earth to Calderon message:

Dear Mr. Presidente~:

Several U.S. states are finally awakening to the fact that invading criminals from Mexico threaten American jobs, prosperity, and culture, and cost our nation $113 billion a year!

As a result many states are taking appropriate action to protect U.S. citizens and property from the ravages of invading third-world criminals, mostly from Mexico.

For the record, Mr. President, it matters not one whit what the Mexican people (including you) think. This is about Americans defending Americans from foreign invaders!

Given the wretched state of your failed state, your best bet would be to fix Mexico’s problems and leave America’s problems to Americans!


By the way, are we to assume that the growing “anti-American” feeling in Mexico will cause some of your countrymen to stay in Mexico rather than invading America?

If so, we say, Viva anti-American feelings!