Happy Birthday, Dr. Michael Savage!

By John W. Lillpop

California is world renowned for goofy politics and politicians, leftist lunacy, and just plain craziness. That insanity obviously spills over to the manner by which priorities are established here in the Golden State.

For example, radio superstar Dr. Michael Savage hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show from San Francisco that is carried by about 410 stations, reaches 10-14 million listeners every week, and is one of the last vestiges of hope for free speech and pro-American sentiment in the media.

Dr. Savage is truly an extraordinary citizen and man of distinction. Consider a partial list of his accomplishments:

* Holds two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley;

* Authored 24 books, including four New York Times Best Sellers;

* Hugely popular talk show host in the same league as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity;

* Introduced term "compassionate conservative" to properly describe conservatives who favor smaller, less intrusive government;

* Staunch defender of American sovereignty, rule of law, preservation of American borders, language, and culture.

With these credentials to his credit, one would expect California to be rightfully proud of this favorite son. Perhaps even set aside a day to commemorate the contributions made by this extremely talented man?

Say, March 31, for instance? That particular date just happens to be the birthday of Dr. Michael Savage!

Why not designate March 31 as "Michael Savage Day" throughout the length and breadth of our great state?

Close the schools, shut down the state and local bureaucracies and dedicate the entire day to celebrating the birth and life of Dr. Michael Savage?

What is that, you say? March 31 is already a state holiday in California to commemorate the birthday of the late Cesar Chavez?

Can you imagine? A brilliant author, educator, radio broadcaster, and advocate for America is all but ignored, while the entire state shuts down to remember the birthday of a grape picker and union organizer?

Only in California!