Can America Survive the “Mother” of All Lame Ducks?

By John W. Lillpop

If common sense and American patriotism win the day on November 6, Barack Hussein Obama and his hideous cast of Marxists, Communists, Democrats, and other no-account scalawags will be evicted from the halls of power in Washington, hopefully never to be seen, or heard from, again.

However, as exciting and rewarding as it will be to send Obama and crew back to Chicago, the republic must find a way to survive Satan’s Wrath which is sure to engulf the nation from November 7, 2012 until the new Congress is sworn in early January, 2013.
Given the level of partisan enmity that already exists between folks on the left and those on the right, America may be facing the “Mother” of all Lame Ducks if Obama is indeed mandated to vacate the White House and the Democratic stranglehold on the US Senate is reversed.

Know this of a certainty: Marxists scorned at the polls will not be amused by their reversal of fortunes, even if said change reflects the hearts and minds of We the People.

Indeed, Obama and his miscreant Marxists can be expected to go to any lengths to prevent, or delay to the maximum extent possible, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner and the Republican Party from restoring common sense and patriotic sanity to government.

Furthermore, before the 113th Congress is officially sworn-in early January, the Capitol buildings and offices must be cleaned and fumigated, and the toxic corruption and sleaze scraped off the walls of offices occupied by Democrats.

In much the same manner, the White House must be renovated after Obama leaves, at noon on January 20.

Tough days are guaranteed—yet, we the people are willing to endure anything to rid the capitol of the liberal infestation which has all but destroyed America!