Congressional Five-Week Vacation: Good or Bad for Unemployment and the Economy?

By John W. Lillpop

Unemployment “ticked” up slightly in July, causing some Democrats to hail yet another “summer of recovery” for America!

To those not paying attention, that is three recovery summers in a row, none of which have provided much Hope for the 23 million unemployed or underemployed Americans caught in the Obama folly.

That folly has gone 42 consecutive months with an unemployment rate above 8%., contrary to the numerous promises and predictions made by The One, Vice-President Biden, Tim Geithner, Congressional Democrats, some fairy-dust economists, and other liberal moon bats.

However, to Democrats in brutal denial over the failed policies of Barack Obama, a lower-than expected increase in unemployment is seen as “a step in the right direction,” a sign that better days lie just around the corner.

Indeed, with the July unemployment number at 8.254%, NOT 8.3 % as exaggerated by some conservatives, Democrats believe that this latest Obama “success” provides a solid justification for rewarding the 51-year-old Marxist, who sports a pair of hideously over sized ears on either side of a vastly overrated cranium, with yet another four years in which to complete the goal of “transforming” the greatest nation in history to a third-world hell hole, not unlike the failed state of Mexico which used to be on the other side of our southern border, but which , during Obama’s watch, has been covertly re-located north, now found just outside of Indianapolis.

With 23 million of we the people without jobs at all or using our hard-earned advance degrees at McDonald’s or Burger King to flip burgers, one would expect our elected officials to be extra diligent in working to find solutions, right?

Instead, we find Harry Reid, Democrat Leader of the US Senate and former boxer, delivering a shot below the belt at Mitt Romney, Obama’s presumed opponent, said attack delivered on the floor of the US Senate on the same day that the latest unemployment numbers were released!

Again, with 23 million Americans stuck in the progressive quagmire of unemployment and underemployment, who in the hell cares about unsubstantiated rumors about Mitt Romney’s tax-paying history?

Rumors which the addled Reid admits he cannot confirm, but thought he would mention anyway because---well, to over shadow Obama’s latest economic numbers!

And when the allegations are proven completely false?

Dingy Harry will remind everyone that he told us he was unsure as to the veracity of the rumors!

All of which does nothing to ease the pain and suffering of 23 million victims of ObamaNomics!

Still, putting Harry Reid’s insanity aside, there IS cause for hope!

That is because Harry Reid and the US Senate and the US House have ALL left town on a five-week vacation!

Repeat: The incompetence and corruption so prominent on Capitol Hill has abandoned the joint for five weeks!

Five whole weeks for America to recover from the BS and incompetence of a Congress that, for the good of the nation, should take off the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, out of the White House, Barack Obama took time from his fund raising frenzy to golf, the 104th such foray into golf by this overworked, under-funded Marxist.

Why not join the Congress, Mr. President, by taking five weeks off—no ads, no campaigning, no fund raisers.

Just take five weeks off and watch our economy recover, watch consumer confidence explode, watch America grow!

Its up to you Mr. President!