Dissecting Romney’s Disastrous, “Gaffe” Laden Foreign Trip!

By John W. Lillpop

Judging solely from liberal media accounts of Mitt Romney’s brief offshore journey, one might logically conclude that the Republican nominee-to-be was guilty of violations of social and moral protocol so severe as to blemish the American brand for decades, if not centuries, in England, Israel, and Poland, and in Iran and China as well.

What, pray tell, did this congenial, intelligent man of faith do to alienate so many good—and some not so good—folks?

Romney’s “gaffes” consisted mainly of the following offensive behavior:

( )Unnecessary Reliance on Truth:

Mr. Romney was honest and open throughout his trip. That turned out to be unpalatable to security officials in London, Palestinian terrorists, US “friends” in China and Iran, and to Obama Administration officials who consider truth to be a mortal enemy.

So, who gives a damn? Romney stood up for his beliefs and is the better man for it! He will never be accused of leading from behind.

( )Lack of Appropriate Degradation of America and Israel:

Mainstream media types used to traveling with Barack Obama were alarmed at Romney’s failure to apologize for America and Israel during this high-profile venture.

In short, Romney was slammed in the media for the following:

No apology for the war crimes and arrogance of the George Bush presidencies;

Failure to deny and debunk the myth surrounding American Exceptionalism;

No apology for the fact that Americans consume an “unfair” share of the world’s energy resources;

Failure to describe American greed, profit and capitalism as the root of all evil and an “Old school” concept doomed for failure; and

No berating of Israel for her occupation of lands rightfully belonging to Palestinians.

( )Insufficient Use of Personal Pronouns:

Liberal media intellectuals observed that Romney’s speeches lacked an appropriate number of personal pronouns.

Indeed, it was noted that the Governor generally shied away from I, Me, Mine, My, and Myself.

Of course, those words are used with reckless abandon by The One who isobsessed with himself and those who adore him as much as he did!

Media types are concerned that Romney’s sparse use of personal pronouns may suggest a lack of confidence and self-assuredness so vital to the success of a president.

Those same media apparently never considered the possibility that Obama’s obsession with himself was a dangerous precursor of dictatorial tendencies and emotional distress.

In sum, Mitt Romney gave the world a preview of what America will once again be, once the awful “fundamental transformation” pursued by Obama is reversed and buried!

God Bless America and Mitt Romney!