A Conservative Prayer: Just Let Biden Be Biden!

By John W. Lillpop

Although conservatives profess righteous indignation and outrage when Joe Biden trips during one of his many historic mental meltdowns, the truth is as follows:

Joe Biden is a God-send, a veritable time bomb waiting to explode in the face of Team Obama at any given moment. He is unwittingly on our side, a right-wing mole, and, as such, is one of our most formidable weapons against a second Barack Obama term.

Biden provides a steady, reliable stream of pointed lunacy that no amount of money can buy, as in his “Y’all going to be put back in chains’” kerfuffel which is still reaping rewards for Republicans from coast to coast.

Think about it: What creative ad team, regardless of how talented, could produce materials that would do a better job of exposing the Obama-Biden ticket as the incompetent yahoos that they really are?
Best of all, the Biden Burps, almost a daily blessing during a busy campaign season, are a direct, irrefutable testimony to the fact that Barack Obama does not have the judgment required to run a cross-country race, much less run the most powerful nation of earth!

Which helps explain why unemployment is still rampant, spending is out of control, and the national GDP is close to zero under our disguided community organizer.

To repeat: For the good of Romney-Ryan and all of America,  Just Let Biden Be Biden!