Obama Retreats Even Further Back: Jimmy Carter to Speak to DNC Convention!

Things COULD Be A Lot Worse! Remember This Fellow?

By John W. Lillpop

Abandoning his “Forward” theme once again in a desperate attempt to make himself look good by comparison to yet another failed, former Democrat president, Barack Obama has decided to rewind the misery bar 32 years so as to remind the American people of a brutal truth:

Things Could Be One Hell of a Lot Worse!”

To prove his point, Team Obama has arranged for that indefatigable relic from 32 years ago to address the assembled masses (if any) at the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

That would be the ever-pathetic, but mildly amusing, Jimmy Carter.

As reported at the reference, Jimmy and wife Rosalyn won’t be in Charlotte in person, (Not attending the convention seems to be the chic thing to do in 2012!), but both will be there via the wonders of modern technology:

Former president Jimmy Carter won't be attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, but he'll address the gathering by videotape.
"Rosalyn and I regret that we will be unable to be at the Democratic Convention this year in Charlotte. However, we remain steadfast in our support for President Obama and the progress he will make in the next four years," Carter said in a statement released by the Democratic convention.”
Carter’s irrelevant blathering will surely haunt the convention hall with memories of 20 percent mortgage interest rates; economic ruin all about; the word “malaise”; being held hostage by the Islamic Republic of Iran; fascist control of the White House tennis courts by a president better suited for shelling peanuts than running America, and other awful, awful recollections from the 1980 campaign in which the decline and fall of American Exceptionalism was an accepted fact, directly traceable to the Oval Office and the incompetent fellow situated therein.

What next? Whom else can the DNC dig up to make Obama look sharp and focused?

Any chance of exhuming the remains of FDR for a quick reminder that “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” and a scolding from the old man to Mitt Romney about the evil of not paying taxes for 10 years?