What About “Shared Prosperity” from YOU, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

As Barack Obama continues to push his Marxist agenda down the throats of hostile Americans, a new theme has emerged to make the whole idea seem more palatable: Shared Prosperity.

Shared Prosperity is the latest Obama admonition for all—excepting the Obama family, that is.

Indeed, while Obama preaches austerity for the rest of us, he and his family live in opulence and splendor normally reserved for Kings and their families.

Were Obama really serious about Shared Prosperity, he would:

Enroll his two daughters in public schools;

Require Michelle to vacation domestically at modest places like Six Flags and Disneyland, instead of the opulent trips to Africa, Spain, and other foreign luxury destinations that do nothing to add American jobs;

Require Michelle to forsake gaudy dress in favor of modest garnishments more in keeping with expectations for a granddaughter of slavery;

Cut back Michelle’s servant population to more accurately reflect conditions that average people endure in times of severe economic distress. In other words, let Michelle and the girls do the cooking, housekeeping, and other mundane household chores that saddle most American women;

For the president: Abandon golf and other sports extravagancies enjoyed by wealthy elitists, focus instead on DONKEY and other basketball games more suitable for a person of color;

Trade the family SUV(s) for a used domestic van more in line with what we the people drive;

Return all salary in excess of $250,000 to the US Treasury as a gesture to acknowledge the evils of wealth;

Sell the mansion in Illinois and rent a modest apartment in downtown Chicago, tenancy starting the afternoon of January 20, 2012;

Enroll the Obama family in ObamaCare, instead of the pricey health care alternatives that only elitist politicians have access to.

Start with these items Mr. President, and we might begin to believe that you are sincere about Shared Prosperity!