Profile of Barack Obama: Two Hideously-Large Ears, One on Each Side of a Vastly Overrated Cranium!

By John W. Lillpop

For nearly four years now, the American people have been force-fed a steady diet of propaganda as to the formidable genius and superior intellect of one Barack Hussein Obama.

According to the mainstream media and other liberal sources, Obama’s superior intelligence was more important than the fact that, at age 46, this savant from Chicago had no practical problem solving experience and no accomplishments to his credit when he decided to seek the presidency.

His IQ was so extraordinary, they said, that he was entitled to step into the most powerful position in the world with only the Audacity of Hope on his resume, and the word CHANGE on his lips and loaded into his teleprompter.

Barack Obama was the messiah, the One, the Healer, all things good and glorious rolled into one clean and articulate ball of genius that would save the world, America, and all of mankind from eight years of W. and the Republicans.

Unfortunately, the American people bought into this bull excrement and elected an enthusiastic agent of CHANGE who was, and is, exactly clueless about the real world.

For the nightmare now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we can thank mainstream media and the Democrat party, and the 69 million people who voted with their hearts rather than their brains.

After less than a full term in the presidency, Barack Obama distinguished himself as the most overrated and unqualified president in American history.

His gaffes and demonstrations of incompetence are truly astounding for a man of alleged “superior intelligence.”

For example, this president declared that America is not a Christian nation while speaking in Turkey, a Muslim nation.

What exactly was the point of irritating 250 million Americans just to get in a sound bite for the evening news?

He could have said what he wanted without resorting to this explosive insult.

Another example is the hoopla and fan fare surrounding his announcement concerning the closing of GITMO.

What man blessed with superior intelligence would, as one of his first acts as president, move to shut down a facility housing the most brutal terrorists in the world without having any idea where to send said murders?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would put the prestige and influence of the presidency at risk by making a personal address to the International Olympic Committee on behalf of his home town without knowing beforehand how his efforts would be received?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would box himself into a foolish corner by accepting an undeserved Nobel Peace prize at a time when his job as Commander-in-Chief required him to consider a surge of American troops in Afghanistan?

There is more.

What man blessed with superior intelligence would commit to creating or saving 3-4 million jobs with a deficit-crashing stimulus bill that he approved, but did not read or understand?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would accuse a police officer of "acting stupidly" for simply doing his job?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would repeatedly apologize for the policies and leaders of America while standing on foreign soil?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would deliberately move the trials of murdering Islamofascists to New York City in order to impress the Muslim world with the fairness of America's judicial system, and then declare that the accused were guilty, would be found so by the jury, and punished?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would send 30,000 young Americans into harm's way with a speech that advised the enemy of our timeline for retreating, rather than fierce commitment to win?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would lie about the number of jobs created and saved in order to make his approval of the stimulus disaster appear prudent?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would ring up the federal deficit with the abandon of a drunken sailor and then lecture Congress and the American people about the dangers of deficit spending?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would nominate tax cheats to his cabinet?

What man blessed with superior intelligence would allow his Attorney General to drop voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther party and to advise Congress that funding criminals at ACORN was appropriate?

These examples are from the first two years of Obama’s ruinous term—the past two years have been even more catastrophic!

Bottom line: It appears as though Barack Obama is an educated fool, an individual who may own a high IQ, but has almost no practical intelligence.

Most such people excel in the ability to give away other people’s treasure--they make terrific community organizers, but not leaders!

Compounding his problem, Barack Obama is an arrogant narcissist who actually believes that truth and wisdom are his exclusive domain.

The big question: Just how did this fellow get elected?

And has the American voter learned enough not to repeat the awful mistake of 2008?