Paul Ryan’s “Appalling” Lack of Experience

By John W. Lillpop

Mitt Romney had barely finished introducing Paul Ryan as his choice to replace Joe Biden as US Vice President when liberal pundits were expressing mortification at Ryan’s lack of experience.

Mind you, this is the same crowd that raced to deify Barack Obama back in 2008 when the only things known about the Senator from Illinois were that he was black, was to the extreme left of just about everyone in American politics, and that he had no “Negro dialect,” an observation offered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has upgraded his skills since then and is now the official domestic terrorist of the Democrat Party, specializing in carpet bombing campaigns waged against Mormons with the audacity to display an R next to their names.

Among the most appalling items cited by liberal intellectuals are these:

( ) No known affiliations with organized crime;

( ) Lack of  ties to the Communist Party of America—an obvious lightweight when it comes to diversity and tolerance;

( ) A sterling record of work, commitment, and accomplishment, all of which are indicators of an unhealthy obsession with capitalism and profit; evils without peril in modern America, and

( ) Membership in the Catholic church and adherence to religious fixations which expose his stunning lack of credentials for celebrating Ramadan and blaming America for 9/11.

Liberal commentators also maligned Ryan for having a valid birth certificate and a perfect credit score, which are further signs of an unhinged capitalist without the guts or cajoles needed to really hate America!

You Go, Paul Ryan!