Kudos to Mitt Romney for His Patriotic, Morally-Superior Attitudes Toward Wealth and Taxes

By John W. Lillpop

Kudos to Mitt Romney for standing his ground against the outrageous extortion attempts waged by Harry Reid, from the floor of the US Senate no less, AND for not giving in to Barack Obama’s silly “offer” to end persecution of Romney in exchange for the release of five more years of returns!

Phooey to both Reid and Obama!

If either has a scintilla of credible evidence of any wrong- doing by Romney, let them refer their “evidence” to the IRS, where Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expert when it comes to wrong doing on taxes.

Otherwise, Reid and Obama should simply shut up and stop embarrassing themselves, and stop abusing Romney’s civil rights and dignity.

To Harry Reid: Senator, the floor of the US Senate is NOT the same as The Enquirer, and should not be used to spread rumors, gossip, or worse!

To the President: Mr. Romney has a policy of refusing to negotiate with known domestic enemies of America! Period!

By the way, Mitt Romney deserves enormous credit for paying as little in taxes as possible! Only an idiot of the likes of VP Joe Biden believes that paying more in taxes is somehow patriotic!

Romney understands that every dollar surrendered unnecessarily to the US government is yet another dollar that will be wasted and misused to buy votes, to fund stupid programs that should be eliminated, and to arm Marxist nannies like Nancy Pelosi with money to wage war against American values and interests.

Again, paying more taxes than is legally required is an act of war against America!

Romney deserves even more praise for his patriotic and healthy attitude about success and wealth: It is an American ideal to apply one’s energies, intelligence, and grit to the task of earning a living and being as successful as possible.

Unlike Barack Obama who thinks aspiring for financial independence is a character flaw, Romney understands that it is his responsibility to provide for himself and his family.

Romney further appreciates the fact that government’s role is to defend the sovereignty of the nation, a responsibility which Obama ignores.

Bottom line: Americans do not need nor want government involvement in most areas of life, especially those which give bureaucrats too much power.

Mitt Romney is to be congratulated for paying as little in taxes as possible, and for accumulating as much wealth as possible—without even a hint of guilt!