Issac Sent by Creator to Torment GOP? What About Dems?

By John W. Lillpop

Those on the look out for favoritism and bias might see Storm Issac as a clear indication of bias from on high against the GOP.

After all, Issac robbed the GOP of at least one evening of prime-time television coverage. How can that be seen as anything but heavenly intervention in the 2012 campaign against the Republicans?

Surely, the argument continues, the Democrats have not been subjected to a similar level of abuse for their planned bash in Charlotte, NC, right?

But wait!

Just because the Dems’ convention won’t be conducted in the middle of a massive storm, does not mean that the Party of Asses has escaped punishment.


( ) Because Barack Obama is politically radioactive, the Democrat Party may have to hire people off the streets just to fill the convention hall, a place that used to be called Bank of America building.

In fact, NOT attending the convention is the chic, “in” thing for Democrats this year.
( ) While the Lord has not used the weather against the Party, He has imposed the equivalent of a Category 5 nightmare by making Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi available for the convention and the inevitable exposure of these leftist nut balls to the public at large.

Given the muck likely to be generated by Biden, Reid, and Pelosi, the GOP appears far better off with just a damn hurricane to deal with!