“Unlawful Presence Waivers” for Illegal Aliens: Who Elected Janet Napolitano?

By John W. Lillpop

Listening to President Obama fume and fuss about the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court might overturn ObamaCare, one is struck by the president’s use of the term “unelected” in describing the justices.

Without knowing better, one might assume that Obama is deeply concerned about Judicial Activism and adoption of law that runs contrary to the will of we the people; those 300 million of us who doing the electing.

However such an assumption would be back-asswards given the fact that overwhelming majority of we the people are opposed to Obama’s attempted Marxist take-over of 17% of the US economy. Indeed, most would applaud scuttling of the law by the Supremes or repeal of the foolish thing.

Furthermore, consider the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is considering issuing “Unlawful Presence Waivers” to illegal aliens, a strong and loyal constituency of the Democrat Party and this president.

As reported at the reference in part:

In its quest to implement stealth amnesty, the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants by granting them “unlawful presence waivers.”

The new measure would apply to illegal aliens who are relatives of American citizens. Here is how it would work, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcement posted in today’s Federal Register, the daily journal of the U.S. government; the agency will grant “unlawful presence waivers” to illegal aliens who can prove they have a relative that’s a U.S. citizen.

Currently such aliens must return to their native country and request a waiver of inadmissibility in an existing overseas immigrant visa process. In other words, they must enter the U.S. legally as thousands of foreigners do on a yearly basis. Besides the obvious security issues, changing this would be like rewarding bad behavior in a child. It doesn’t make sense.”

All of which requires an answer to the pressing question: Who elected Janet Napolitano?