Kim Jong Un: You’re NO Kim Yong-Il!

By John W. Lillpop

In a devastating blow to punks and me generation brats everywhere, North Korean President Kim Jong Un has embarrassed his nation and his generation with a humiliating display of incompetence rarely seen on the world stage.

Specifically, the rocket-launch that was supposed to establish North Korea as a major player in the world’s military power structure turned into an embarrassing fiasco which leaves the North Korean communists proving once again that communism is a failed ideology which stunts emotional and intellectual development.

As reported at the reference, in part:

North Korea's much hyped long-range rocket launch on Friday ended in apparent failure, South Korean officials said, dealing a blow to the prestige of the reclusive and impoverished state that defied international pressure to push ahead with the plan.
North Korea said it wanted the Unha-3 rocket to put a weather satellite into orbit, although critics believed it was designed to enhance the capacity of North Korea to design a ballistic missile deliver a nuclear warhead capable of hitting the continental United States.

A spokesman for the Defense Ministry in Seoul told journalists that the rocket had broken up and crashed into the sea a few minutes after launch.

Officials from  Japan confirmed the mission had failed, while ABC News cited U.S. officials saying it had failed, although there was no immediate indication of where it fell.
The rocket's flight was set to take it over a sea separating the Korean peninsula, with an eventual launch of a third stage of the rocket in seas near the Philippines that would have put the satellite into orbit.

This was North Korea's second consecutive failure to get a satellite into orbit, although it claimed success with a 2009 launch and there was no comment on the launch from North Korea's official media.

The Unha-3 rocket took off from a new launch site on the west coast of North Korea, near the Chinese border.

The launch had been timed to coincide with the 100th birthday celebrations of the isolated and impoverished state's founder, Kim Il-sung, and came after a food aid deal with the United States had hinted at an easing of tensions on the world's most militarized border."

So much for the 100th birthday of the nut ball who started this idiocy which has led to starvation and ruin of good people in North Korea.

By the way, a special shout-out is owed North Korea’s chubby boy-president: Un, You’re NO Kim Yong-Il!

And that's a GOOD thing.