Obama’s Spiteful Hang-up: Hates Successful White People More than He Loves Poor People of Color!

By John W. Lillpop

In order to understand Barack Obama’s motivation when it comes to jobs, deficits, taxes and the economy in general, one must accept the following fact:

Barack Obama holds a deep, personal resentment against those Americans who have the audacity to succeed and prosper.

It would be wrong to blatantly accuse the president of using racial profiling for making economic decisions. It is mere coincidence, you see, that he always targets the so-called rich whom also just happen to be mostly Caucasian.

According to those who think like Obama, prosperous people have achieved their successes, both now and in the past, on the backs of people of color.

Thus, in Obama’s mind Caucasians have not earned their success and must be whittled down to size by the federal government, including the Department of Justice, where Eric Holder stands ready to advocate on behalf of "his" people.

Slavery, though long ago eradicated in America, is, in and of itself, reason enough to punish the rich with higher taxes and other government sanctions.

Those guilty of Prospering While White, or PWW, must pay the price for the sins of generations long since dead and buried.

Tragically, Obama’s hatred for Caucasians exceeds his love for people of color. That means that the president will act against the interests of white folk even when such action is detrimental to people of color.

Obama’s emotional conflict explains why he pursues meaningless pap like the Buffet rule, an feeble attempt to use the IRS as a political force against the most successful among us.

The Buffet rule, thankfully laid to rest (AGAIN) by the US Senate on Monday, offered nothing in the way of jobs creation or deficit reduction.

If fact, it would probably cost Americans even more jobs!

Still, the Buffet rule would temporarily satisfy the liberal lust for pummeling the rich, even if people of color ultimately suffered.

The solution?

On November 6, Barack Obama must be sent back to the streets of Chicago in order to make room for a president whom will serve all Americans!