North Korea Launch: Another Foreign Policy "Success" for Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

Other than to loyal Friends of Barack (FOB) in the liberal media, the president’s much-ballyhooed program of "engagement" with Communist thugs in North Korea is correctly seen as a complete failure, nearly as dismal as the launch itself.

But whereas the wonky Korean missile disintegrated just moments after blast-off and disappeared into the sea forever, the crash and burn of Obama’s naïve and dangerous policy of appeasement remains as a permanent testimony to this blistering truth: Barack Obama has neither the talent nor character to be president.

Of course, administration sources, in concert with leftist media, will twist and turn the facts in order to spin the launch as another huge foreign policy "success" for the beleaguered Obama.

After all, they will argue, the launch was a "failure," right?

The fact that the rocket should not have even been fired will escape the truth sensors of Obamamites desperate for talking points.

Like the failed "stimulus," unacceptable rate of unemployment, deficit-ravaged economy, and anti-energy policies designed to bankrupt industry and citizens alike, Obama will be credited for non-existent accomplishments and will be held blameless for failures directly related to his wrong-minded policies and actions.

Given the fact that the liberal media are actively working to reelect Obama regardless of his record, it falls to conservatives to educate the American public on the urgent need to end Obama’s prolonged assault on our blessed nation and values.