ObamaCare: An Unconstitutional Mandate Pushed by an Illegal Alien Marxist Who Hates America!

By John W. Lillpop

Just how far has America fallen since turning the keys to the Oval Office over to Barack Hussein Obama?

Consider, please:

ObamaCare, the so-called "signature legislation" of Obama is an Unconstitutional mandate that seems sure to be scuttled by the Supreme Court in June.

Obama sold this scam to unthinking dolts by claiming that he would add 30-40 million people to the ranks of the insured, while reducing overall health care costs! Anyone who believes that desperately needs health care—especially coverage that includes serious mental disorders.

According to idiots like Nancy Pelosi, ObamaCare would reduce the federal deficit. Anyone who believes that deserves to spend a weekend in solitary confinement with a crazed witch like Pelosi.

In his snake oil campaign to sell Marxist medicine, Obama understated the cost of ObamaCare by nearly a trillion dollars. Anyone, who believes that was just an error in calculating, deserves another four years of Obama the not so great!

The urgent question: How in the hell did this incompetent, lying Marxist manage to deceive an entire nation?

Answer: Blame the Democrats AND the leftist media.