The Harry Reid “Solution” to Budget Deficits

By John W. Lillpop

Wrestling with the complexities and aggravation that ensues when a responsible member of Congress tries to balance a budget during the Barack Obama Era of fiscal insanity has driven many a good public servant to drink, drugs, or both.

A notable exception to this dilemma is found in the weak-voiced, wimpy-looking fellow from Nevada, also known as the majority leader of the U.S. Senate. That would be Democrat Harry Reid whom has revolutionized the whole concept of leadership and budget technology by making denial and procrastination the new standard for slothful, inept public service.

Reid’s new age solution is so simple that it is a wonder that it has not been tried before.

The logic behind Reid’s solution: Budget deficits exist only because of budgets. That is, if there were no budgets with their arbitrary, mostly racist goals around, there would be no deficits!

This solution is akin to the progressive solution to illegal immigration. Instead of demeaning future Democrats by labeling them as illegal aliens, simply call them “undocumented” and poof!, just like that there are no illegal aliens to fret about.

Similarly, if there are no budgets around to make life miserable, then there will be no deficits to deal with.

This tactic has worked like a charm for Harry Reid who has refused to allow work to proceed on a Senate budget for a third consecutive year!

Democrats acknowledge that this solution could someday haunt the grand children and great grand children of current taxpayers.

However, progressives are counting on savings from ObamaCare to save the day in the “out” years.

Besides, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are both in their 70s and are unlikely to be held accountable for future deficits.

And although Obama is just 50 years old, and likely to face some heat 20 years from now, he intends to fight off enemies with two words and one letter: George W. Bush!