Deport Ozzie Guillen!

By John W. Lillpop

There is a perfectly good reason why Ozzie Guillen has never been invited to a Mensa meeting: The man is a brain dead Latino who is basically no brighter than baby poop!

He continues to say and do really dumb things, including his latest in which he revealed his man-love for Fidel Castro.

Typical for Guillen, who overlooks the fact that Castro routinely executes men who fall in love with his withered, stinky old commie self.

Still, Guillen does deserve due process, such as it is.

I say let’s try this pickled tamale and THEN ship his flaky butt to Cuba.

Let’s see how loving of Castro Guillen is after a few days in a cell reserved for ex-ball players who swish rather than swagger in good old Cuber!