Higher Taxes Needed to Fund GSA Orgies, Naive Energy Speculations, More IRS Agents!

By John W. Lillpop

Many Americans, including some of the most conservative among us, might support a temporary hike in taxes PROVIDED all of the increased revenues were used ONLY to pay down the federal deficit.

Unfortunately, in a world where the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid control vast caches of government power, increased revenues are a signal to spend more taxpayer money on pet projects and coddling of key constituencies, and to hell with worry about the deficit!

Fiscal responsibility is just not in the Democrats’ DNA, especially in an election year which always seems to be the case.

Recent examples of wasteful government spending include the spending orgy by employees of the GSA at a wild party in, of all places, Las Vegas. Those who pay attention will note that President Obama has cautioned against blowing one’s hard earned money in a decadent venue like Las Vegas.

While Obama’s fuming and fussing irritated the Mayor and other Las Vegas officials no end, The One’s message was apparently not brought to the attention of bumbling bureaucrats at GSA who wasted $800,000 of YOUR money!

GSA’s scandalous misuse of taxpayer money was actually minor when compared to the really big money flushed down the drain when President Obama took on the role of energy investment expert, and proceeded to fund the Solyndra scam thereby costing we the people a cool $500 million dollars when the folly went bankrupt.

Even now, the Obama machine is proceeding with plans to fund even more green energy projects while refusing to approve the Keystone Pipeline and by limiting drilling permits for oil, a substance that, although problematic in many respects, does work!

Lastly, the administration is moving ahead with plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more to fund staffing of the IRS for enforcement of ObamaCare, a measure that may very well be scuttled by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional in two months.

Are higher taxes needed for this sort of idiocy? Only if one is a demented liberal!