Happy Tax Day? How Much Big Government Waste & Fraud Did You Fund in 2011?

By John W. Lillpop

To out-of-touch leftists like President Obama, VP Biden, and congressional menaces Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Tax Day is the most sacred day of the year, transcending even Christmas and Easter.

For it is on April 15 (or 16th or 17th) that big government is licensed to steal from we the governed, like it or not. Most do not, excepting Democrats who use money collected from you and I to buy votes from illegal aliens, corrupt labor unions, abortionists and assistants thereto, Planned Parent hood thugs, and all other manner of despicable ruffians who will vote as ordered, provided the price is right.

Unfortunately for all concerned, turning money over to the government is a hideously reckless practice which almost always results in rampant waste and or fraud.

Those who doubt this assertion should reflect on how taxpayer money is being misused by the "most transparent, forthright, and honest government in history"—that of Barack Obama.

For instance, Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is run by Erick Holder, an Attorney General whom is so obsessed with circumventing the 2nd Amendment that, under his watch, the DOJ was directly involved in a gun-running scheme which placed deadly automatic weapons in the hands of drug cartels/terrorists in Mexico, and which cost an American border patrol agent and several Mexican citizens their lives.

How many of YOUR tax dollars were used to fund Holder’s "Fast and Furious" crimes and cover-up?

Next, consider the juicy scandal and corruption now surrounding Obama’s General Services Administration (GSA). Ironically, GSA is supposed to be the watch dog agency with responsibility to keep an eye on how other bureaucrats handle YOUR money.

Turns out that because no one was watching the watch dog, GSA spent nearly a million dollars of YOUR money on a gaudy spending orgy in Las Vegas, said event devoted to celebrating the GSA successes in NOT protecting the interests of American taxpayers and brazenly getting away with it—until now.

YOUR "Fair Share" of the tab for funding GSA larceny and chicanery is…how much?

Lest American taxpayers get the impression that a tawdry lack of professional demeanor and decorum is all about domestic politics and politicians, consider the fact that Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State and former first lady, made embarrassing headlines all across the globe with a spectacle of dancing, drinking, and debauchery that one would expect from a teenaged college girl in heat whilst at a beach party on Spring break, rather than from a seasoned and sophisticated 60-something world leader expert in the subtleties of global diplomacy.

How many of YOUR tax dollars were used to keep Hillary’s cocktail glass full all night?

And finally we have the story involving the highly-respected team of Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president in Columbia, but whom were evacuated in a hasty shroud of secrecy because of indiscretions involving ladies of the night, said madams apparently not amenable to rendering services without just compensation.


How many of YOUR tax dollars ended up funding a sexual roll in the hay (or more) for a needy Secret Service agent?

In sum, under the progressive lunacy of Barack Obama, YOUR precious tax dollars have been used to fund a cesspool of corruption wherein gun running, spending orgies, reckless partying by an over the hill diplomat, and whore mongering are the new norm.

To paraphrase a former Speaker of the House: Maybe it is time for a "Latter Say Daint" (Mormon) to drain the swamp and dispose of the sludge?

Happy Returns on Tax Day!