Obama Report Card: A Plethora of “Fs”

By John W. Lillpop

With the presidential elections drawing closer and closer, it is time to drop the partisan bickering and look at the candidates with objectivity and in terms of what is best for America.

President Obama has achieved many things during his first term, some of which are actually constitutional and legal.

For the most part, Obama comes up short in this sensitive, fair and balanced look-see at the worst three plus years in U.S. history.

The Obama Report card indexed by category of failure:

Relations with Israel, other Key US Allies:

See Foreign Policy.

Ability to Rally, Unify Americans

Exceptional-- when it comes to generating opposition to Marxist nonsense like ObamaCare.

Foreign Policy

See Relations with Israel, other Key US Allies

Adherence to U.S. Constitution

Sharia law is more flexible and provides an appeal mechanism to thwart right-wing zealots in black robes. For the record, President Obama taught Sharia law at Harvard University and on the streets of Chicago.

National Defense & Military Strength

Unnecessary if one knows how to talk and surrender at the same time, a gift bestowed in abundance only on liberal diplomats.

American Exceptionalism

Effective January 20, 2009, no longer doable or even desirable.

Supreme Court of the United States

According to Obama, Includes five of the most radical, least intelligent lawyers on the planet and four of the most brilliant, progressive people to pursue Judicial Activism from such a high venue.

Trayvon Martin and Contraception

The Trayvon Martin tragedy could have been avoided if only his parents had had access to contraception and other vital health services for women like those mandated by ObamaCare.

Trayvon would look like Obama if The One had been a meandering adulterer like Bill Clinton.

Price of Gasoline

Not quite there yet, but the goal of $8 a gallon is looking better by the day. God Bless Steven Chu!

Illegal Immigration

A simple solution: Universal Amnesty, AKA, we are all illegal now!

Rule of Law

Vastly overrated, especially when President is a Messianic figure with a monster IQ.

Health Care Costs

Will stabilize and fall when another 30-40 million uninsured are added to the ObamaCare rolls. Janet Napolitano is on a recruitment drive to Mexico to find those 40 million uninsured needed to make ObamaCare a rousing success and to boost Obama’s 2012 chances for reelection.

Religious Freedom

Among the quaint distractions from days long since passed-- never to be revisited.


The only effective way to keep over-achievers humble while gifting the incompetent and slothful with the full glory and honor of the American dream.

Deficit Reduction and Spending Cuts

Are You Serious?