An Inconvenient Truth About Mary Landrieu!

                                                  Mary Landrieu does NOT Live Here in Louisiana!

By John W. Lillpop

Democrat Mary Landrieu has established a new low in dumb, counter-productive political campaign antics:

The struggling US Senator from Louisiana attributed her fading hopes for re-election to ignorance and bigotry, --- not on the part of her Republican opponents, mind you---but rather on Southerners in general, the very people whom she is asking to vote for her!

As reported:

Incumbent Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu made some controversial remarks on “Meet the Press” when Chuck Todd asked her why Obama has struggled politically in the south.
Landrieu told Todd that the south hasn’t been the friendliest place for African Americans or women.
Less than four points separate Landrieu in the polls from her challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy.
Cassidy joined Megyn Kelly by phone tonight to respond to Landrieu’s statement. He said that Louisiana residents don’t understand ObamaCare and can’t imagine why the president won’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
“When under our Constitution we work through the political process to change directions, we’re called racist,” he said.
Cassidy said that Louisiana residents are the ones suffering under ObamaCare, and he said Landrieu “should focus more on policies instead of insulting us.”

Landrieu’s unorthodox badgering of voters from whence she hails may help to explain her battle with residency requirements: Perhaps her hatred of Southerners is why she lives in Washington, D.C. rather than in Louisiana among all those racists and sexists?

However, it is worth noting that Landrieu has been in elective office in Louisiana since 1980 and has clearly developed somewhat of a rapport with scalawag Southerners over the years.

The inconvenient truth is that Mary Landrieu has apparently overlooked the inherent bigotry of Southern folks long enough to accept their votes for over 30 years!

What has changed, Mary? Perhaps you should disassociate yourself from the South by resigning---or maybe the voters will disassociate you from the South on November 4?