Given GOP Timidity, Why Would Obama Even Consider Compromise?

By John W. Lillpop

Speaker of the US House, Republican John Boehner, alleged conservative and foe of tyranny, surely missed his calling: 

The Speaker seems more suited for a job as courtyard jester, working to keep Barack Obama in laughs and the rest of America in tears!

To wit: Immediately after Barack Obama made his hijacking of the US Constitution official last Thursday, John Boehner went into his tough guy act by challenging the wayward president and promising to “see you in court,” over the immigration travesty proffered by Obama under the guise of “doing the right thing.”

Boehner’s tough words challenge failed to impress Obama in the least as he (Obama) continued his assault on the American way.  

The big question: How can a president whom has led his party to one of the most spectacular defeats in the history of mid-term elections be so brazen and unconcerned about an attack from the “powerful” Speaker of the House?  

After all, the cards appeared to be stacked against the tyrant and in favor of the Republican opposition!

That appears to be the case until one considers how Boehner groveled and wept before The One in the days before The One issued his unlawful decree.

At a meeting of Congressional leaders at the White House during the week proceeding Obama’s latest impeachable offense, Boehner reportedly begged The One for more time to allow the US House to pass immigration reform!


Boehner on his knees seeking a reprieve from public enemy number one so that the Republicans could take credit for stabbing the American citizenry in the back!

Barack Obama may be a soulless, reprehensible outlaw, but he is not stupid!

Just as the anti-Christ is cunning and evil, so too is our flawed president.

To combat such cunning, one must have intelligence and guts—qualities completely lacking in current GOP leadership!